This is a cookbook geared towards vegetables from the Lucky Peach perspective.  The goal was to create a cookbook for people that were looking for more vegetable centered meals which makes a lot of us nervous, what can that be, who will eat it?  But this cookbook attempts to answer it with recipes that yell "WE ARE GOING TO EAT VEGETABLES AND THEY ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME".  That is a quote by the editors at Lucky peach. Tall order we know.

One of the tenets of this book from Lucky Peach is "EASE IS POWER".  They write "what is more powerful than being able to turn ingredients into a desirable dinner with minimal effort? Almost nothing".  

We have been working our way this this cookbook during our #stayhomestaysafe days and we have to agree, it is a pretty awesome cookbook, easy delicious and less meat on our table is good for the earth right?  And it is a funny to read too.  Those guys at Lucky Peach, Peter Meehan, David Chang and team know what they are doing.

BTW  this is not a vegan cookbook, some recipes are but not all.