You may not have known that you needed a bird call necklace until now, you actually may not "need" one, but for us it is so darn sweet, we find ourselves wistful of the warm days we will dawn this necklace and walk around outside calling our bird friends.  It is sure to make a special gift to yourself or a nature appreciating friend.

It is an actual Audubon Club bird call necklace made of wood yet made extra special with a tiny handpainted bird by artist Keiko Brouder of Small Adventures.The call hangs on an adjustable cord necklace made of cotton.
Twist the wood call and it makes a little chirp that will attract many different birds.
It also comes in a gift box with a capsule of powdered resin which you can sprinkle on your call in case your bird call needs some pep back in its squeak. 

We have them in three bird types, but don't worry about which one, they are off the charts sweet.  Somethng sweet to tweet about. 
The call itself is under 2 1/2"