This is a great donabe by Iga-Mono, the traditional pottery feel and cooking characteristics, with a touch of modern design to the donabe's body.  It would look stunning in a modern kitchen or traditional one - who doesn't love juxstaposition?

It has a traditional hot pot for nabe dishes like shabu shabu, chanko nabe, makes make stews, curries, or even cook a small roast in it.  This donabe also comes with a steamer tray, perfect for steaming vegetables or our favorite, dumplings.  A healthy addition to an already healthy way of eating with donabe.

The donabe is sized similary to the Mushi-donabe medium.  Perfect for 2-4 people

11" diameter x 7" high (includes lid)

2 quart capacity (2,000 ml)

Comes with steamer tongs

This donabe needs to be seasoned before use.  Each donabe comes with how to season English instructions.

This donabe is safe for use on gas cooking or in over, not safe induction heat, it can crack the donabe.

You can also heat this donabe without food in it.

The bistro will make you feel like you are a top notch restaurant at home.