Apple picking, you're the apple of someone's eye, an apple a day... you get the idea we love these beautifully woven apples on these knee high socks.  Buy them as a gift, buy them for yourself. 

The French brand Bonne Maison creates high quality socks with Egyptian cotton and an elastane double thread. The composition of these thin socks is : 90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. This perfect mix offers to the socks solidity & comfort.

And don't let us forget to mention every Bonne Maison sock has the added delight of the toe being a different color.  It's the details💕

These socks can make whatever you are wearing just a bit more special, ok we think a lot more special.

Machine wash cold

Made in France


36 / 38  4,5 / 6,5  22 / 24
39 / 41  7,5 / 9,5  25 /27
42 / 44  10 / 11  28 / 30