These are like a little toile pattern happening on your leg - love these knee highs in black ground with the countless charming scenes that can grace your legs like from the sheep grazing in the field, the two friends in meeting in a bucolic scene.  Who knew your socks could be such a conversation piece, put your leg up on the table and let the chatting begin!  We are kidding, sorta.  

The French brand Bonne Maison creates high quality socks with Egyptian cotton and an elastane double thread. The composition of these thin socks is : 90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. This perfect mix offers to the socks solidity & comfort.

And don't let us forget to mention every Bonne Maison sock has the added delight of the toe being a different color.  It's the details💕

Machine wash cold

Made in France


36 / 38  4,5 / 6,5  22 / 24
39 / 41  7,5 / 9,5  25 /27
42 / 44  10 / 11  28 / 30