CARA has a bold modern face, with color that catches your attention, yet it is still elegant.   We think it makes a simple, yet terrific colorful statement on any wall.  The minute hand is longer than most and makes for a light and lively design, while the stocky, white hour hand offers a bold contrast in form and color and provides the clock even more interest.

Designed by AWATSUJI Design. 

Here is a bit about AWATSUJI design. This design firm is an all-female design studio anchored by two sisters, Misa Awatsuji & Maki Awatsuji.  Misa Awatsuji, a representative of the design studio, founded it in 1995 after freelancing in design.  While mainly dealing with graphic designs such as packaging and editorial, they are in active widely to sign and space planning.

Misa Awatsuji / After graduating from a Graphic Design Course taken of Tama Art University, she received the Master’s Degree in Design at the CRANBROOK ACADEMY OF ART. Engaged in TAMOTSU YAGI DESIGN and then 1995, she founded AWATSUJI design CO., Ltd. Since 2014, she is a professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design.