Cup of Therapy, better yet this may be a roll of therapy. We can't get enough of this super cute, encouraging, positive, supportive washi tape award winning Finish illustrator designed by Matti Pikkujamsa.

In fact we learned that Cup of Therapy is a whole world developed in 2017 by Matti Pikkujamsa and psyotherapy professionals Antti Ervasti and Elina Rehmonen  to create an approachable world through animals that can bring awareness, conversation, comfort, support and humor for well being and mental health.  We love it!  Cup of Therapy is our cup of tea.

We have already delighted in creating our own DIY cards to send out to family and friends with this tape.  Use all the saying, circle the one that says what you want to say, mark it with a bit neon highlighter arrow.  Your recipient is sure to feel great when they receive this thoughtful tape and a note from you.  Or by it to send positive messages to yourself.  We love it all, really.

Cup of Therapy commits to part part of the sales revenue will be donated to promote mental health work. We do too!

Here's a break out of the sayings :

You're enough!

I did it!

You are not alone.


You can do it!

Take care!



Thank you!

I need to tell you something


We love that the MT brand searches high and low to find these cool artist collaborations.  THX MT!!