You might be drawn to the wood block goldfish stickers by Japanese brand Classiky. Goldfish were pets of the nobility and samarai and symbolized wealth and prosperity.  We believe wealth comes in many forms, so we can kind of like this goldfish sticker. We like that we got many at the county fair with the ping pong game for many years too.  Hooray for goldfish. The set comes with 20 goldfish in multiple sizes.

The sticker paper is quality and the glassine packing with making it look like the frog sticker are in the water is so well done., they make a thoughtful gift.  Use these stickers for so many craft ideas, - your journal, wrapping a gift, send a note, collage, snail mail. Lots of chances to find your prince with these.

Designed by Ugokyusha and created by the Amadamasha House

Made in Japan.