The curves and the beautiful carmel coloring make this donabe look extra special to cook in but also to serve in.  It is designed with a special thick body for cooking everyday soups and stews, think miso soup, curry, even sukiyaki.  Miso-Shiru Nabe is great at slow cooking dishes such as stews, curries, or even pork roast. This donabe can be heated without liquid inside, so you can sauté or roast ingredients in it, too. The gentle and steady heat distribution due to it being made from IGA region clay means that it can help the ingredients to slowly develop savory (umami) flavors.

Miso-Shiru Nabe means "miso soup pot"

Miso soup and rice is served in many Japanese homes everyday, it is very much part of the Japanese traditional culture.  Because of the extra deep walls this donabe can keep your miso soup or any soup warm for an extra long time after you turn the heat off, up to 15 minutes.

Donabe Care

- Pot must be seasoned 

- Cook only on gas or in oven.  No induction heat or pot may crack

- Make sure pot is thoroughly dried before putting away, to prevent mold from any mold growth

- Because the pots are porous do not leave foods in for long period of time or they may adopt the food smells. (see donabe FAQ in case you accidentally do this)