You might enjoy this sweet one cup (one Japanese cup that is 3/4 cup) rice cooking donabe.  It is perfect for one or two, create your favorite rice, plain or invent your own one pot rice dish.  It is easy to store and looks great out on a shelf.  The lids convert into a rice bowl with a lid, perfect for keeping rice warm or a nice lid for outdoor dining.

Because it is donabe (pot of the earth - clay pottery!). it is going to show patina overtime, flame marks over time from cooking, maybe you spill a little sesame oil another time, we think it even looks more beautiful with use and age. 

Made in Japan by Tsukamoto Pottery, they have making beautiful pottery since 1864

Not Dishwasher safe

Please read directions.  All burners are not created equal so you may need to adjust your heat a bit.  It is worth figuring this out.



How to cook delicious rice:

*Note: Do not put the Donabe on the stove when the outside surfaces are wet, especially the bottom. Be sure it is very dry before coming into contact with the flame. 

  • Use inner lid of the Donabe to measure one portion of rice.
  • Put the rice into the Donabe. Wash and rinse the rice lightly with water. 
  • Use the inner lid of the Donabe to measure one portion of water and pour on top of the rice. Tip: Use your finger to cover the tiny steam hole on the inner lid when using it as a measuring cup.
  • Cover the Donabe with the inner lid and then the outer lid.
  • Place the Donabe on the stove. If it is unstable, you can use a roasting net or pot stabilizer. 
  • Cook the rice for around 20 minutes over the lowest flame possible on your stovetop. 
  • Keep the flame low until the very end - there is no need to adjust the flame throughout cooking. 
  • The Donabe will start steaming after around 15 minutes, and the rice starch liquid will start to appear around the edge of the outer lid. 
  • When the rice is almost done, it will steam less and the amount of rice starch liquid will also reduce. 
  • Turn off the stove and let the rice steam, still covered, for about 10 minutes. 
  • The outer lid can be used as a serving bowl and inner lid can be used as the lid of the serving bowl.
  • Enjoy!

Other ways to use the Kamacco Donabe

  • Other foods you can cook with the Donabe for example: boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, cheese fondu, singe serve hot pot.
  • REMEMBER: Always keep the flame as low a possible when cooking rice or other various items in the Donabe. 


*Please read the following carefully before using the Donabe

  • Before first use, please check that there are no cracks or damages to the Donabe on the base and inner/outer lids. If there are cracks or damages, do not use it. 
  • The Donabe is fragile. Please handle it very carefully.
  • Before first use, wash the Donabe carefully and follow the steps below to season it properly.
    1. Fill the Donabe up to the inner line with waster that has been used to wash rice.
    2. Boil the water for about 10 minutes.
    3. Allow the water to cool.
    4. Throw away the water and place the Donabe overnight in an airy place until it has dried completely. 
  • Never heat the Donabe when it is empty. It may damage the pot or cause a fire. 
  • If the Donabe is unstable when placed on the stove, try to adjust it using something like a roasting net or pot stabilizer. 
  • Before putting the Donabe on the stove, dry the outside surface completely, especially the bottom. 
  • CAUTION - do not use the Donabe for frying!
  • The Donabe can get very hot. Please use a pot holder or oven mitt to avoid burns. 
  • Do not put the heated Donabe directly on the table. Always use a trivet or mat.
  • Please be aware that the bottom surface is rough and maybe damage the surface of your table if used without a mat or cloth.