We found these wooden bowls on our travels in the Hokuriku region of Japan and fell in love.  We haven't seen anything like them, they are wooded but treated with a food safe finish so they there is color* but you can still see the grain of the wood.   These bowls perfect for soup, a little salad, some cracker or just gazing at their beauty on on your shelf or table.

Because they are wood they are sturdy but still require a little special care.  Wash gently after use and dry well.  Never put away wet.  Do not leave out in the sun as it may cause the wood to crack.  It will wear over time, but we think patina is a beautiful thing.

Developed by a charming, hardworking mother, daughter team, Soumei,  creating beautiful, new functional product from a traditional lacquer family business. 

*no color finish of course on the natural color bowl