UMEI exclusive ❤️

If you are not in Mpls, you might not know that we started our little shop next to the coolest neighbors anyone could hope for.  We'd like to tell you more about that someday.

One of those neighbors is the incredibly chic and talented, Talin of Spring Finn (my husband says she just needs to add a big T to the end of her name to make it perfect, I agree). All that talent but you must know she has the soul of a sweet angel but the strength of a proper french lady to tell you when something doesn't look quite right, we should all be so lucky to have a Talin in our life.

All that to say we ADORE these leather bands she made exclusively for us, because we love our Traveler's Journals so much we wanted to customize them.  And we want to feel an ounce of chicness like Talin.   These bands represent us,  Spring Finn & Umei, our sense of humor, our heart.   We hope you adore them too.

"Sister" is photographed upside down, only due to the fact the photographer didn't have her glasses on.   But we quite like that sisters are there for you, no matter whether you are up or down.

They come in a very small cotton Spring Finn bag, making it an extra special gift.