This tenugui looks like a mountain of good luck and is called Sue Hirogari which means spreading out like an open fan AND becoming prosperous.  What a great gift for yourself or someone you care about.  Prosperity necessarily doesn't equate what is in your checking, but think about prosperity in relationships, health, home.  We love the imaginitive almost vintage painting  of these lucky imagery.  Is that a cosmic dog/cat in a space ship?  Perhaps delivering happiness. Look at those cat paws! makes us happy!! We hope they do you too.

We are lucky indeed to find Inunco.  Love her work.  No wonder she is so popular in Japan.

This tenugui can be used as a hand towel, a runner, a scarf for your neck or bag, a wall hanging... so many possibilities.

Made in Japan

All cotton

Wash cold gently.  Air dry or will shrink slightly, maybe that is no big deal.

35.5" long by 13.2" wide

Quantities will be released Saturday 5/6 at 12 pm CST