This is a set that contains 7 small Tohaku candles and 1 small Koma candle holder.  It makes a lovely gift, but it might be hard to gift without getting one for yourself.

The Tohaku small candle is a beautiful shape and creates a mesmerizing round flame as they created in the wa-rousoku tradition with a washi core.  The Koma candle stand is made of solid cast iron and is compact but very stable.  Each small Tohaku candle burns for 80 minutes each 

While the tradition of the wa-rousoku candles are grounded in Buhddism and giving thanks at Buhddist altar, there is also another mindset that the fits with our busy modern lives, that is to light the candles not only for their beauty but to mark time that we spend with others or give the gift of time to ourselves

Made in Japan