We have a thing for aprons. We hope you have a thing too.  They are not just for cooking, in fact we just like to throw them on, feel chic and slightly productive.  That is why we put them in "on-the-go " section, we rarely lay in bed in our aprons.  There is at least one pocket in each of them.   Which is a great asset as we move through our days picking things up.

We carry Fog Linen aprons from Japan, made with Lithuanian linen, Japanese design.  They get so soft with multiple washes.

We recommend line drying, but you can tumble dry on low heat.  We do not recommend drying with high heat.

Should you iron these?  It is up to you, but we think they look great taken out of a low tumble dry shaken or as we mentioned line dried.  We do like to iron sometimes  while binging on something like Killing Eve or Dolly Parton's Heart Strings.  These aprons look great either way.