Here's to our feet, for carrying us around, standing our ground, helping us reach up to the top shelf for a special hidden treat... you get the idea.  We should be so lucky to treat our feet with some special socks that feel good and look oshare on our wonderful feet. Oshare is not a typo, it means fashionable in Japanese.  More Japanese trivia, Kutsushita means socks in Japanese.

We carry three amazing sock brands NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA, THIS NIGHT and Bonne Maison, please read more about them in brands or about them in product snippets.  We are so glad to find such quality sock partners & each of them couldn't be nicer.  Warm  feelings, warm feet, right up our alley.

And last but not least.  We carry lots of sizes for all sizes of feet, however please look closely, not all makers carry the same sock in all sizes.  We tried to clearly mark the socks for sizing.  Thanks for your understanding