A Note to You

A Note to You

Susan Brouillette
When I was about 7, I had a printed t-shirt in apricot with black flocked lettering  and it said "chatterbox.  I loved that t-shirt and wore it proudly. I was a born chatterer.  I am not sure I am quite so proud when I found out that equated to windbag. lol.  But perhaps that is my personality and after years I have come to accept that is me in my normal state (like I am a specimen or something!).  Anyways, I also enjoy listening and learning more about people- I think that is why I like being a shopkeeper and a buyer too - the human interaction.  And then sometimes I just need to disappear into my own silence, like I need a battery recharge. Maybe some of you can relate?  I don't mean to make this all about me, yet I am starting a blog of sorts and I want to share with you.  Sometimes understanding who you are talking with is a great start.  

We just posted a post today featuring some great products that we hope will make your life at home even more enjoyable.  You might want to see them right here at our shop, I just want to share a little bit about them in no certain order.  They are all wonderful IMHO.


1) Kome-no Megumi Candles by Takazawa  (made from rice bran) - you don't need to meditate to love these.  They are gorgeous candles that burn for 30 minutes. Give yourself or your friend 30 minutes of peace, me time, whatever you choose to do with those precious 30 minutes. Just look at that beautiful full flame.  And it burns with minimum mess, no wax.   

2) Kleid Micro Notebook, the green one - great notebooks. micro-grid.  Basic but so good.  My friend Gail, a Japanese stationery-ophile loves these.  They make a nice small spiral one for your bag too.

3) the Traveler's Rollerball pen  - special edition in factory green.  Limited quantity. The rollerball is new from Travelers,   I love, love, love this pen - so smooth. And have bought it for my own collection, I am pleased everytime I put my hands on it. 

4) That gorgeous little dish holding those candles is by Japanese artist Miki Sakurada.   We will be photographing and putting it on the site soon.

5) Cast water glass by Kinto - simple, clean, modern and chic.  And they stack.

6) Saving perhaps my fave for last.  We started carrying these beautiful  cards by that are prints of hand drawn and painted sketches by local artist and architect Kar-Keat Chong.  He is so talented and any of your friends would be jazzed to get a note from you written on these card.  Or buy them and frame them for yourself.  Who deosnt need a post cards to remember your outing to the Walker Sculpture Garden?  More on Kar-Keat in further posts.  He is a local gem.  And his wife is a gem too, she actually create them.

I don't know if sharing about the product like this is helpful or not, but I thought we will just try and see what you think.   And yes the styling and photography on this shot was done by the uber talented Mickie Clark and Ryan Dyer.  Aren't they amazing?!  Glad you are here and maybe following along with me/us.  We welcome your comments and thoughts too!  Chat with us.

Be well.  

Peace and ❤️


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