hello, hello, hellooo

hello, hello, hellooo

Susan Brouillette

Hello, hello, hello,

I had the best Aunt Rita. It was ok to knock on her back door and then just walk in, she would always greet me with a great vibrant voice, a happy one, almost singing "hello, hello, hellooo".  It always made me feel welcome, I think she made everyone feel welcome.  Her kitchen/breakfast nook was a bright sunny yellow, very fashionable with yellow bamboo furniture.  She was one of my style icons from the small town I grew up in.  I used to love to study how she created her home, entertained.  She had a wonderful plaid couch, hidden bar and game table too in her family room.  Lots of cards, latch hooking and martini making going on in that family room.  I think Aunt Rita's would have been a pleasant place to quarantine.  

Maybe you have an Aunt Rita, or a happy place in your memories. I mine my memory for those treasures then I carry with me so I can summon when I need something to cheer me up.  I know I can't be your Aunt Rita, but know you are welcome here.  And I will be happy to see you.  I never want to be nosey, but yet I'd love to hear about your treasures if you'd like to share✨

If you like we can chat about Japan, the shop, makers and countless other topics someday soon.

Hello, hello, hellooo. 

socially distant xo


Ūmei co-owner, shelf stocker, Japan stalker & shop associate (I am really not a stalker;))


PS this happy latch hook rug, ala the 70's is available at your Michaels.  

PSS this really is a pic of my Aunt Rita, isn't she sooo pretty?  BTW that's not her couch.


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