ŪMEI {you-may}

You are welcome here.  We are a little home & design boutique based out of Minneapolis MN.  Our shop name translates into place of dreams in Japanese. We hope it is a place where where you can dream with your eyes wide open.   

Our shop carries our favorite items for your home and life from around the world, primarily from Japan, but we couldn't resist our favorites from France, Italy, even makers here in Mpls, NYC and soon Los Angeles.  Hopefully you will see that most everything we have could happily live together.  We have an eclectic sense of style with a need for splashes of color.  And if you have ever gone to Japan you will see that Japan is a lover of fine items from around the world too and they have figured out how to incorporate them into their lives.  I guess we wanted to share that idea with you too.  We are not purist except in the sense that we believe you should buy what you love and it will work.

We want to support you to TAKE TIME FOR LIVING, more time to live those moments imagined, more treasured experiences on your own or with family, friends. Maybe the silver lining from Covid-19 is that has given some of us a chance to slow down and take a little more time for the simple parts of living, making a good meal, sitting down with family at the table, writing, journaling and more zooming, more phone calls. We know Covid is also incredibly stressful for many of us and we are holding hands. We want to be a safe, happy place for you in this surreal time.  Maybe we are simply a distraction for you and we are good with that.  

Umei, is also about you-may.  It is about possibilities. We celebrate your endless positive possibilities, our own too.  If our style speaks to you and you are interested in remodeling or building talk to us about our design business.  

We know you have many choices to shop these days. We appreciate you visiting us and we hope you enjoy yourselves.  If you have a thought or need, please reach out to us.

with a grateful heart & xoxo's