Another wonderfully useful addition from Toyo Steel. Steel toolbox with flat lid and expandable handle on top. Produced from one piece of steel, resulting in water-tightness and durability. No sharp edges and unmatched strength! Use these boxes for tools, yes, but we think they make fabulous storage for stationery, art supplies, make up, various gear and accessories, et cetera!

And a great tip for all of the Traveler's Journal lovers out there, this T-320 size fits the original Traveler's Notebook and Passport Notebook perfectly! Use them to display or stow away all of your Traveler's Notebook accoutrement! 

Designed with the ability to use a 4mm cylinder lock for safe keeping.

A little bit about the maker: Toyo Steel Company Ltd. was established in 1969 in Osaka, Japan as a metal stamping service for the surrounding community. For decades now, Toyo Steel has produced high quality tool and utility boxes as well as other fine steel items for both home and professional use.

L:12.5" W:4.9" H:3.3"

Made in Japan