Popular Japanese illustrator, painter, graphic design artist, Inunco.  Born in Osaka and now resides in Tokyo.  Her work reaches us with her undeniable imagination, her vintage yet modern fantastic style and sophisticated, bold use of color.  We love Inunco's work and we hope you do too.

Inunco has done the art for several popular picture books  "Okame Train" series (Kogakusha) "Ochawankazoku" (written by Hayashikibayashi/Hakusensha) "Uranai Yakisoba Bread" (written by Mai Tominaga Masatoshi Nakao/Kin no Hoshisha) "Cat Tamatama” (written by Mitsuru Kuramoto/Kougakusha) and “Hakkeyoi” (written by Keropons/Poplar).

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