Now in Special Edition Olive!  This is the starter set for the Traveler's Notebook, a totally customizable, top notch journal system from Japan that has a loyal following around the world.

The starter set consists of:

- a leather cover that is going to age and become better with age (like us, that's our opinion at least). Hand cut leather with a smooth yet rough edge 
- one notebook for inside (a 003 blank notebook) made by one of the finest paper makers in Japan, Midori.  The paper is Original MD paper which puts your comfort first in writing, both in your hand and your writing instruments touch of the paper.
- two elastic cords used to keep your notebook closed (one is an extra) 
- an soft cotton carry bag

Traveler's tells us that it hopes the notebook tempts us with travel.  To write down whatever comes to mind, even for days when we are not traveling. It says it might change your life!  We agree it can be life changing.  And we recommend using it often, and for using the idea of travel as a metaphor for experience, doing.  It is a way for all of us to express ourselves, with words, pictures, drawings, schedules, snippets of our lives. The magic of the Traveler's note book happens when you put yourself into it.   It becomes a new best friend of sorts.

The system easily allows customization and can hold up to three different Traveler's Notebook refills, just think about how best you might enjoy using it...  or maybe you just try and begin exploration.  The refills can be easily switched out (refills, duh?!) and memories, experiences saved.

We love the idea that after you use this notebook for a while, it becomes of a rich collection of you, past and present. 

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