Adorable envelopes designed Aiko Fukawa. They are large enough to hold postcards and folded A5 letter paper.  Just imagine how happy somone would be to get this in the mail.
Not only can it be used for letters, but it is also recommended as a card holder in combination with a notebook, or as a postcard holder.

Mino Japanese Washi paper is used, so you can enjoy the gentle texture.

5 Envelopes in a set

Akira Kusaka is active as an illustrator and graphic designer.
Illustrations that make you feel a story somewhere fascinate fans not only in Japan but also overseas. In addition, he is also doing music activities as a member of the picture, sound and word unit "repair". For that reason, Mr. Kusaka often draws illustrations with musical instruments as a motif.
You will be healed by the sight of bears, deer, and various creatures playing musical instruments. And strangely, I feel like I can hear the music played by the animals.