KORO Incense Holder by BP Tokyo

BP Tokyo's original design, in partnership with APFR. At first glance, this simple and unassuming incense burner looks like a brass tray with a hole, made with a crepe spatula! But BP Tokyo have found a the perfect balance and design and function that allows you to enjoy all the elements related to fragrances. Whether you're burning sage or palo santo or incense of various shapes and sizes. The included pin allows you to use sticks of incense in a horizontal position safely. The pin can also be used to extinguish the incense, allowing for enjoyment in small quantities over and over again. Each piece is hand-finished, offering a satin-smooth texture when first out of the box. With proper maintenance, the product can be used for a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy the unique aging process of brass when cared for over time.

The set includes 25 sticks of the BP original incense by APFR, Burbs. A green woody scent featuring a blend of woody aromas such as Douglas fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood, plus a touch of nutmeg.

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We do all the processing, assembly, and packing in our own studio in Tokyo. We use the minimum amount of environmentally friendly packing materials and select long-lasting materials, as well as providing repair parts.

100% solid brass
Made in Japan / Size: H 52mm, D 250mm