This mandolin is a favorite and a work horse in many Japanese homes. We brought in the mandolin with the catch tray and that really makes it usable for us, we will tell you why but first a little about the blades.

It comes with 4 interchangeable blades so you can easily cut vegetables and fruits for ease with eating and cooking,  Here are the types of blades:

1) straight, you can adjust  to get your desired thickness of a cut.  For example do I want paper thin potatoes or a thick chip.  Adjust  from .3mm to 5mm which translates into paper thin to almost 1/4 inch.

2) fine tooth, for fine shreds often see in Japanese cooking, like fine shreds of cabbage seven with tonkatsu

3)  medium tooth, for thin shreds for use in something like cole slaw or kinpira gobo

4) coarse tooth, for thicker shreds, to use in stir-fry or to make french fries etc... 

Whether you enjoy Japanese cooking or not never mind, what this does best is makes it easy to create cuts of vegetables and fruits to add into your cooking.  And you can add more fruits and vegetables into everyday life.  We hear from a guest that this mandolin has made a huge difference in getting her kids to eat more vegetables. yay!

The blades are sharp, so please be careful and carefully read the directions, on how to use, clean and change them.  It is easy to change them.  We can also get replacement blades for the Benriner, so please let us know if you need them.

The Catch Tray:

You do not have to have this, but we can't imagine not buying a mandolin without.  The mandolin fits on top of the catch tray and catches all you are cutting, it is a safe easy way to use your mandolin.  But it also creates a smart, easy place to store your extra blades when done.  And it also has a course grating texture on the inside of the tray so you can easily grate ginger etc... 

This mandolin also comes with a finger guard.  Do NOT use without a finger guard.  We value your finger tips.  And do not, do not get to greed trying to get the last little bit of a carrot. Getting too close to the blade is dangerous.

Eating healthy should be a joy and this makes it easier to do that, just be careful.  

Wash gently with soap and water and let thoroughly dry before putting away.

Made in Japan