Everything begins with a large Bonnard summertime painting or the Charleston home and workshop of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant in the same period where their colorful inspiration invades the walls, fireplaces and furniture. Abundant colors, flowers, foliage, a standard poodle, a large vase with a bouquet, a peacock hiding in the bushes, geometric rugs, matching checks. We imagine a fertile garden and a decorative, light mood in a place where the living is easy. A feast of cheerful, not-too-bright colors, slightly bleached by the light like a fresco: fresh Pink, Absinthe green, Arctic blue, Rosewood, Flesh and Moss green.

Bonne Maison creates high quality socks with Egyptian cotton and an elastane double thread. The composition of these thin socks is : 90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. This perfect mix offers to the socks solidity & comfort. 

And don't let us forget to mention every Bonne Maison sock has the added delight of the toe being a different color.  It's the details💕

These socks can make whatever you are wearing just a bit more special, ok we think in many cases a lot more special.

Machine wash cold

Made in France


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