In the obscure depths of winter, we see joyful scenes inspired by Bruegel the Elder: winter landscapes, snowball fights, skaters on icy rivers … We cross paths with animals defended by a proud knight brandishing her sword, we discover chain mail that resembles scales, a sweet owl watching over her nest, the brown silhouette of trees wearing a white coat of snow that also covers village roofs or faded, dried hydrangeas awaiting their rebirth in the spring. Pine tree needles create an abstract motif. A lovely palette of warm, cool neutrals : chestnuts, browns, rain gray, wave blue, sage green and abyss blue with a touch of white and yellow tips to enhance everything.

Bonne Maison creates high quality socks with Egyptian cotton and an elastane double thread. The composition of these thin socks is : 90% cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. This perfect mix offers to the socks solidity & comfort. 

And don't let us forget to mention every Bonne Maison sock has the added delight of the toe being a different color.  It's the details💕

These socks can make whatever you are wearing just a bit more special, ok we think in many cases a lot more special.

Machine wash cold

Made in France


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