This is a sweet brass shelf by Fog Linen Works.  So versatile and clean lined, yet warm with a handcrafted finish .  Imagine it in your kitchen holding a bottle of oil and your favorite spices or in the bathroom holding your favorite scrubs, oils, creams.  

Use one , use two, use more, stack them vertically for a statement also.  We just like to imagine all the useful ways we could use this shelf to organize ourselves.

When installing in sheetrock we recommend using drywall anchors.  When installing into hardwood, we recommend pre-drilling holes for brass screws and hand screwing them in.  We find best results roll the screw in a hard bar of soap to make installation smoothest.  

notes: When installing into sheetrock, we recommend using drywall anchors. When installing into hard woods, pre-drill pilot holes for the brass screws and use a drill-driver that will allow you to limit the torque applied to the screw.

Size 9.5" w x 3.25" h x 4.5' d

Comes with 4 screws

Wipe clean and polish if necessary

Made in India