Strike the perfect balance between comfort, style, and durability with these eye popping home shoes from ABE Sangyo. Crafted from the incredibly resilient “No 8” duck canvas (typically used in the construction of sneakers because of its strength, breathability, and ease of cleaning). Our favorite detail is the unique two way design that allows you to wear them as either a slipper or shoe! Lightly padded with a complimentary canvas lined interior, we love to throw these on when we need a dose of bright color to lift our mood, especially in the coming winter months!
Note: we encourage these shoes for indoor use only. They feature a suede-like sole that offers subtle traction and protects floors from scuffs and scratches. Not suited for outdoor wear.

Fit: Canvas room shoes are designed for maximum comfort and are very forgiving. We have provided the Japanese measurements in centimeters along with US shoe sizing to assist you in picking the correct size. You can use the measurements in centimeters to compare to your own foot if you are unsure about which size to choose. Note that the foot should not measure longer than the footbed of the shoe. If you have a particularly wider foot we recommend sizing up.

Size Guide: US Sizing
S - women <6.5-7
M - women 6.5-9 men <7.5
L - women 8.5-11 men 7.5-10
XL - women 11-11.5 men 10.5-14

Japanese Sizing in centimeters
S - 21-23 cm
M - 23-25 cm
L - 25-27 cm
XL - 28-30 cm

Care: Machine wash in a garment bag with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.