A practical solution to the increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home, the portable Caret reimagines the linear silhouettes of the classic, green-shaded designs – known as 'bankers lamps' – found in historic libraries. Made entirely from lacquered steel, the design features a rounded base and a long, pyramid-shaped top that emits a soft, diffused light. The lamp comes in two contemporary colours: Dark Burgundy and Silk Grey.

This lamp is for indoors use only. It can be taken outdoors but must be kept and stored indoors.

W: 15cm / 5.9in, D: 10cm / 3.9in, H: 22cm /8.7in

Recharge input: 5.0V – 2A

Light Source
Light output: 100 lumen
CRI: >85
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 2700K
LED life time: 25.000 hours

Operating time when fully charged: 11 hours
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Replaceable &Tradition battery. Can be purchased at &Tradition.

4 levels (100% – 70% – 40% -0%)

Charging Cable
Magnetic USB, 200cm/78.7in.

Produced by &Tradition. Copenhagen, Denmark.