These stainless bowls can be used to put vegetables, fruits or any ingredient while cooking, wash the vegetables, mix ingredients, etc. Each bowl can be matched with a beautiful tray that enables to store food in the refrigerator - think less plastic wrap! Or to put ingredients while cooking, or to even use as a plate for eating. Each bowl can also be matched with a strainer that can be used to drain the water after washing vegetables or fruits as well as to pour soups from pots or strain your tofu.

This line is called the "MAKANAI" which means "cooking" in Japanese. Maybe you have seen the Makanai show on Netflix?  It also means "unrolled," which applies on the edge of the stainless-steel bowl that is usually rolled. The unrolled edges prevents residues of dry mixtures from building up making it easy to keep clean.

Conte MAKANAI bowls are a combinations of design beauty with functionality, really the best in Japanese design.

Stainless steel is related to iron ‒ chrome and nickel are added to iron to produce an alloy which is less likely to rust. Stainless steel is covered with a thin oxide film, invisible to the naked eye, which serves to prevent rusting. With this oxide film, even if the steel is scratched, it is regenerated when in direct contact with the air and regains its function. However, if the steel is not in direct contact with the air due to the presence of moisture, salt or iron, for instance, then it does not regenerate and may rust. So please read the instructions for maintenance and handle it carefully before using.