This is a classic style donabe name Hakeme, which literally means "brush stroke" in Japanese, reflecting the beautiful hand brushed finish. Not only is it a stunning piece, but it is a durable clay pot to cook with, ideal for stews or braising, or you can do a hot pot to share with your family and friends.  And don't forget you can easily cook with it in the oven up to 500° F.  It makes a great presentation on your table.  

All the donabe and Iga-yaki products made by Nagatani-en are hand-crafted with care, so every piece is unique and no two pieces are identical. There are slight variations within the color/ shade, shape/ curve, and patterns, among pieces, and that makes each piece so special. Also under different lighting and angle, the actual color shade and nuance may also appear slightly different from the photos in the product page. 

  • Good for 1 to 2 people
  • Size 8.1” x 5.1” high
  • Holds 0.75 quart

  • Good for 2 to 4 people
  • Size 10.6" x 7.1" high
  • Holds 2.5 quart

Usage and Care

  • Safe for gas stove cooking or portable butane gas cooker. Not made for induction heat stoves- sorry.
  • Safe in the oven up to 500°F This donabe is not suitable for microwave.
  • Hand wash only. 
  • Make sure it is bone dry before you store away.  If still damp it could grow mold.
  • Before the first use, this donabe must be seasoned. See "Donabe Seasoning" in FAQ