Pruning plants, cutting small branches, these are a gardener's dream.  These have a bit longer narrower nose, for plants that might need just a little extra reach.  These pruning shears are an enduring Japanese design and manufactured by TOYAMA HAMONO in Sanjo Nigata Japan.  They have been hand making the secateurs and shears for over 160 years.  They have a top notch reputation world wide. 

Sanjo is a town that is reknown in Japan for it's blacksmithing.  Their manufacturing methods are based of making Japanese swords (Katana) - the blades are sharpened by hand using this traditional method -  take that branch!  

Good for trimming branches up to 1/2"

Please note the shears are not intended to cut string, vinyl wiring, plastic products, fabric etc.

It is recommended to cut softer and thinner branches to familiarize yourself with the tool before cutting harder, thicker branches.

Care of shears: 

Always wipe clean and keep dry after each use or the blade will rust. 

Oiling the blades is recommended if the shears to be stored for an extended period.  Like for you midwesterners at the end of the season.

Misc note

btw we didn't know the word secateurs - it is a British term that looks french in our mind, anyways it refers to a pair of pruning clippers for use with one hand. Fancy that.