Behold this beautiful brass candle holder designed by Yamazaki Yoshiki for DAIYO - it is a very special piece that makes time burning DAIYO's meditation candles even more special.  These are cast of solid brass with the IHADA finish, weighty so no tipping of these candles.  

The circle is divided into 24 radial sections, while the square is made of 24 facets.  24 is an important number to reflect on.  24 hours in the day, time, one of our most precious assets.  Marking time with the candles whether it be meditating, daydreaming, journaling etc.. is a way of acknowledging the the limitations and gift of time.  24 hours, sometimes we wish we had more, but each day we have 24 more and for that we are grateful.

These candle holders will fit your favorite Daiyo rice bran meditation candles and Kome no Megumi candles by Takezawa Candle.  They will age beautifully over time as they are unlaquered.

47mm diameter x 27mm h  - circle

41x41mm x 27mm h - square

Made in Japan