Fashionable cats wearing her cute clothes drawn by Aiko Fukawa have become transparent masking tape. With this tape, your notebooks and small items will instantly become cute and lovely.

You can cut it short and use it like a sticker, or use it as an accent for wrapping or decorating.

The pattern is printed on transparent cellophane, and it is also possible to use it by tearing it off by hand. It's cute not only for notebooks and letters, but also for transparent things such as bottles and bottles.

Width 20mm x 8m

Aiko Fukawa, an illustrator who draws cats, squirrels, cute plants, etc. with a fine touch. In addition, we are also working on designs in various fields such as posters of various facilities and product packages. Aiko Fukawa's carefully drawn illustrations in every corner are cute that seems to make you sigh. Also, the eyes of the creatures are very impressive. It's clear and seems to be full of intelligence... I can feel Aiko Fukawa's own respect and deep love for all living things. That's why looking at the illustrations may heal you and calm your mind.