APFR make so many amazing smelling scents.  These sets are designed as an assortment to allow you to discover your favorite fragrances .  There are four sets that are representative scents from the four fragrance categories that  are available for your enjoyment: floral, ambery, woody, and fresh.  It also makes an amazing gift.

These are the four scents included in the Floral Discovery Set:

The term blue hour refers to the mysterious time just after sunset and just before sunrise where the sky reflects a blue hue. This floral aroma has a refreshing lychee top note with an accent of ginger and pepper.

Suavis is an earthy-floral scent that simultaneously evokes both a soft sweetness and a refreshing sensation.

Designed to pair wonderfully on a bright, sunny day, this is a refreshing citrus floral scent.

A clean, musk-based aroma, this elegant and refined scent features a soft, comforting floral aroma.

Each product is hand-dipped at APFR’s workshop and comes in the form of a bamboo stick incense. Choose your favorite fragrance from a wide variety of scents to match your mood or occasion. Enjoy the fragrance and the mesmerizing patterns of smoke that only incense can 

48 Sticks(4 kinds x 12 Sticks) / Burn time: approx. 50min per stick / Size: L 280mm / Box size: H 310mm, D 30mm

Made in Japan