Deck the tables with these oh so lovely red gingham trays.  It is the perfect red for the holidays of Christmas, Valentines and Fourth of July, but we might just have to use them year round. Light weight and incredibly useful. And by the way this would make a great gift, any size or give a set of three❣️ 

The medium size trays are perfect for desk use and accommodates an A4 page making it great for collecting papers and documents. We also love this size for serving tea, snacks, even breakfast in bed. Talk about a TV tray upgrade for when we can’t pull ourselves away from our favorite Korean dramas! Their generous size make them especially handy placed on a dresser or bathroom shelf, giving pride of place for items well loved or often used items. We are sparking joy at the organizational thought!

We recommend not leaving wet drinks for long periods of time and they are not suitable for extreme heat.

L 13” x W 9”

Hand wash or wipe clean

Made in Japan