Deck the tables with these oh so lovely red gingham trays.  It is the perfect red for the holidays of Christmas, Valentines and Fourth of July, but we might just have to use them year round. Light weight and incredibly useful. And by the way this would make a great gift, any size or give a set of three❣️ 

Our first thought is to use these small trays at your desk to corral pens, paper clips, washi tape, etcetera! But we find them to be handy in practically any area of the house if we’re honest. Use them in a bathroom drawer as a landing station for toiletries or makeup. Next your front door to collect keys, mail, headphones, or wallets. On your night stand, your bookshelf, even in the kitchen to serve up your favorite treats or cup of coffee! Their versatility and eye-catching designs make these one of our favorites!

We recommend not leaving wet drinks for long periods of time and they are not suitable for extreme heat.

8.5” l x 5” w

100% linen coated with polyresin.

Hand wash or wipe clean.

Made in Japan