Stunning brass shelf brackets designed to do two things; hold a shelf AND hold a bar.  The only difference between the small and the large size is the size of the bar.

The small bar holds typical size toilet paper. The shelf is so functional as many of us carry phones to the loo and need a place to set it down. Think wood, marble, soap stone shelves. 

The large holds a typical roll of paper towel.  But you could lose the paper towel and just hang hooks on it for keys, dish towels...

The brass shelf brackets are by designer Oji Masanori for Japanese metalworkers at Futagami. Masanori creates simple pieces he calls “Living Products.”

Each unit comes with two brackets and brass screws and a bar for toilet paper or a bar for American sized paper towel (Umei has adjusted the brass bar for US sized paper towel).


Small: 1.25”W x 4.75”L x 2.5”H

Large: 1.5”W x 7.185”L x 4”H

Small screws included.

Made in Japan.