While we have been drawn to Zafferano's mastery of glass over the years,  we finally thought to ourselves these rechargable portable lights - we need these! You might agree.
Latest to their line is the geometric, grabbable and oh so chic "Home Lamp". We can imagine it indoor, outdoor, on steps, on a side table, on the floor some where...  
Here are the details:
    • Rechargable & portable
    • Suitable for outdoor use, but not meant to be left outside for long periods of time or during rain.
    • Battery lasts for 9+ hours
    • Charging time is 6 hours - there is a light on the charge stand that shows red when it is charging , when fully charged.
    • Induction charging base included, along with cord and usb brick (in case you can't find one - you can never have too many of those we think.)
  • 11.6”high
  • Die cast aluminum with powder coating finish
  • weighs 2 lbs