We love this moisture rich hand cream by TokyoMilk.  Not only does it soothe our hands but the subtle, soft sweet layered fragrance is so lovely.  It has unexpected layers of essences that are crushed and distilled then. blended with extracts of Japanese Green Tea then enveloped with shea butter to create a fragrant treasure.

AND the packaging makes you feel special, whether you are buying for yourself of giving it to someone.  5 star gift. 

The fragrance is a combination of honey, sugared violet, jasmine and sandalwood

Eau de Parfum captured in an extra-rich crème base. A triple-scented perfume alternative, the Parfum Crema is a modern interpretation of parfum intended to be worn in place of traditional fragrance. Dab on pulse points for long-lasting allure.

1" H x 3" D 

2.5 oz / 70.8 g