Made for industry hands that get weathered and worn from working hard. Thicker than a hand lotion, this salve will coat skin with a rich combination of oils and beeswax to protect hands after repeated exposure to water, hand sanitizer, cold weather, wind, and tactile work

the magic:

Mamaki + Mugwort

This deeply moisturizing blend includes coveted Hawaiian mamaki leaf for nourishment and mugwort leaf that helps soften and protect the skin barrier. A rich oat butter helps to soothe dry skin and retain moisture. We are proud to use Seka Hills arbequina extra virgin olive oil as the base for this formula- grown and pressed by Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, in Capay Valley, CA. 

How does it smell?

Japanese hinoki, white pine, and vetiver root transports one to a Japanese onsen with hints of wood, citrus, and balsamic fragrance.

This 1oz tin is a limited edition size of our 2oz Industry Hand salve. It includes label artwork by local Twin Cities artist Nina Dani.


how to use:

Less is more for this concentrated balm. Use a tiny “pea-sized” amount for both hands. The best way to extract the salve from the tin is to use the back of your clean fingernail or a toothpick to dig a small amount out.  The salve was formulated to be a bit harder in consistency to withstand varying temperatures. Can also be used on elbows, knees, or elsewhere on the body. Use multiple times a day after washing hands, cooking, gardening, ceramic work, or any other activity that can be harsh on your hands.