KAKUDO which means angles in Japanese.  Kakudo was designed by an amazing Japanese  designer, Oji Masanori for the woodamaker Takahashi Kougeii. Masanori shows the his thoughtfulness in designing not only for beauty but with functionality for everyday.  This cutting board that is designed with several smart details:
- Octagon-shaped cutting boards, each angle is finished with round gentle details
- Fingers fit nicely on the curved sides.
- Stands up right on its sides.
Kakudo is made to be used, don't be afraid to cut on it, you can keep one side for serving and one for cutting if you like.  You can even light sand down the side you cut with and make smooth again after heavy cutting use.

dimensions (mm):

Cutting Board S (w210 x d210 x h27mm)
Chopping Board L (w300 x d300 x h27mm)

material(s): Maple

coating:  food safe oil