Whether you’re far a field or closer to home, we love these spiral-bound notebooks from Kunisawa. In keeping with their elevated simplicity, these notebooks look minimal but pack a punch - both in looks and in function! The spiral binding lays flat for comfort of writing while the paper is ideal for most pens, but especially shines when paired with your favorite fountain pen.  Finished with the signature Kunisawa copper foil edge and logo. In a convenient A5 paper size and cream grid paper.

A5 (148×210mm), 80 sheets

Made in Japan

Based in Shimbashi, Tokyo, Kawachiya – the company behind the design and manufacture of the KUNISAWA stationery brand – has been providing its craftsmanship to customers since Japan's Edo period (1603-1868). Shimbashi is recognized as the birthplace of Japan's railway and is now widely known as a district frequented by the business people of Ginza, Marunouchi, and Shinagawa.

The motif of the KUNISAWA brand logo is based on the mythical Japanese three-legged crow called "Yatagarasu."

 Due to using a golden luminance to guide Emperor Jimmu on his journey through the dark roads of Kumano, Yatagarasu is celebrated as the "God of Guidance.” The three legs represent "heaven," "earth," and "humanity," indicating that all three are brothers born of the same sun.

We use Yatagarasu as a symbol of business people that are casting a bright light on the future and inspiring the world.