Set your heart a flutter when you see this  Perch series of clocks, this one a blue butterfly.  
Once an hour, as the minute hand crosses the hour hand, the ladybug  rests its wings on the leaf. Seeing it take a break on the leaf makes you feel like something good will happen when you look up at the clock.


10" diameter

designed by STUDIO SURUME

Mitsuyoshi Kikuchi, born in Ibaraki, 1988. Yuka Masuda, born in Ibaraki, 1989.
STUDIO SURUME is a design studio established in 2012. They provide comprehensive support for Monozukuri (manufacturing products), from product designs like furniture, appliances, household goods, and interior goods, through graphic designs such as product logos, packaging, and catalogs, to the area of product development and branding. They are engaged in their activity with the aim of designing products and services that will increase in charm as they are used like “SURUME”, dried squid, where the more you chew, the better it tastes. They work as external lecturers at Bunka Gakuen University.