Adorable Lucky Cat paper designed by Masao Takahata. The inviting cats with round eyes are very cute!
There are no ruled lines, so you can use the text amount and size of your choice.
It's also fun to use it as wrapping paper or design paper.

Matching envelopes are also available.

Made with Mino washi paper, you can enjoy its gentle texture.

Mino Washi stationery, 4 patterns, 3 sheets each, 12 sheets
A5 size (148 x 210mm) with underlay

As an illustrator, Mr. Takahata is active in activities such as holding solo exhibitions and participating in events.
The cute but simple and fashionable style is supported by many fans regardless of age and gender.

Recently, "wood carving" works have been produced, and they are gaining more and more popularity. The lovely wood-carved bear, which is different from the traditional folk craft "wood-carved bear”, soothes the hearts of the viewer.
Please be healed by the cute expressions of "bears" and "beckoning cats" drawn by Masao Takahata.


Made in Japan'

Uni-ball F series pen sold seperately=)