This modern day friendship bracelet is a fun way to show your bff’s how much you love them. The dainty circle chain, adds the perfect bit of shine to your wrist. Choose the stone that resonates the most!

Here’s a brief description of what each stone is best known for:

1) Carnelian stones are all about vitality-they stimulate creativity, increase motivation, and promote ones desire for success.

2) Labradorite is the stone of transformation and protection-great for people going through big changes because it aids in strength and perseverance. It's also known for strengthening intuition.

3) Pink Opal is known to promote peace, love, and hope.

4) Amazonite is the stone of courage and truth, and soothes the spirit and calms the soul.

If there’s a different stone you’d like please ask-chances are, we can ask can make it for you! 

materials: 14k gold-fill, natural stone

length: adjustable up to 8”

Yen Chee is a local jewelry designer based in Minneapolis, MN. For more than a decade she has been creating jewelry out her studio she shares with her husband. Modern architecture, furnishings, lighting and accessories, to the beauty Mother Nature provides, all inspire her design aesthetics. We are beyond thrilled to carry her designs!

A little bit of how Yen thinks about her line-

“Jewelry is such a powerful avenue of self expression. My goal is to create pieces that speak to you on a deeper level-jewelry you love to wear, that makes you feel amazing: confident, self-assured, and ready to show up as the best version of YOU. I create jewelry using only the highest quality materials, high vibrational stones, and unique modern designs. My jewelry is intended to guide women on their journey towards finding balance and harmony in their everyday lives. With the power of healing stones in concert with simple and elegant designs, my hope is for your authentic beauty to shine both inside and out.”