This is a large basic donabe (our largest pot in fact) plus a steamer tray, we carry the medium size also.  Why do I need a steamer tray you ask?  Well you don't need anything, but we highly recommend this items because we love love love steaming shumai (Japanese dumplings) and seasonal fresh vegetables AND it also has a big pot so that steamer aside so we can do nabe for lots of friends and family.  Donabe is a way of life in Japan, bringing people together around the table.

And these donabe are made in the Iga region so the heat retention is outstanding, that means after the heat source is turned off it stays warmer longer.

Also the craftmanship is amazing.  Each of these pots are made by real artisans and take at least two weeks to make.  

They make delicious food and a delicious looking table.

We highly recommend you buy the steamer tongs for easy removal of tray, particularly when it's hot..

    medium ZW23

    W 13” L 10.5” H 7”

    large ZW19

    W 15” L 12” H 8”