Shapely.  Elegant.  Timeless.  These are the Nanao, a stunning candle, made of sumac and a washi paper core that creates a tall unique flame. Crafted by a terrific candle maker Takazawa Candle from Ishikawa, Japan.

A little bit about the name NANAO, it  is the name of the city where TAKAZAWA CANDLE is situated. It is located in the heart of the glorious countryside and surrounded by the sea and mountains, making it easy to connect with nature. There are five different candles, each with a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula. Each candle is named after a letter of the word "plant.”

Pair it with the medium candle holder and it makes a great gift to send someone that needs a little warmth and elegance of candlelight, or you might have to keep it for yourself.

Each candle burns for 110-130 minutes

Each candle 4 3/4" tall

Candle holder sold separately.  Perfect with medium Koma candle holder or the new Fluid Stoneware Candle holder by Takazawa.

Made in Japan