Made of high quality cashmere from Mongolia and extra fine lambswool, these fine but warm winter socks will keep your feet warm from the first chill of Autumn through the depths of winter. If you’re like us, you find when it comes to choosing winter socks the task can be as challenging as Goldilocks’ choice between those three beds (which pair is juuuuust right). Because sometimes you need warmth without the bulk! Nishiguchi’s Cashmere Wool socks provide the utmost comfort and warmth using soft cashmere and insulating wool, that can be worn with both boots as well as sneakers.

Material: 67% Wool, 17% Cashmere, 16% Nyron 

Sizes (US):

Small: Women's size 6 - 8, Men's size 5 - 7
Medium: Women's size 8 - 10, Men's size 7 - 9
Large: Women's size 10.5 - 13, Men's size 9.5 - 12
 wash gentle, air dry 

made in Japan